Sven Soetens

Flandre orientale, Belgique photojournalisme familial de Sven Soetens
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Sven Soetens

2 Membre de l'association des photojournalistes de mariage - WPJA

Of course, I am passionate about family photography! You notice that when you see me working professionally. What do you get to see? A professional photographer who works professionally and efficiently, who knows how to behave correctly in every situation and who discreetly moves to take sneaky and almost invisible beautiful pictures for you. Someone who does not shy away from crawling or lying on the ground with one goal: the ideal photo.

But behind the family photographer, there is also a person with his own personality. After all, you know who you can expect on the other side of the camera when you book me.

Anyone can take photos, but to create images that are really overflowing with emotion, you have to be particularly comfortable with the lens and that is only possible if it clicks not only on the camera but also between us!

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La FPJA reconnaît fièrement Sven Soetens comme l'un des meilleurs photographes de famille internationaux. Les membres détenant le plus grand nombre de points du concours à la fin de chaque année sont classés parmi les meilleurs photographes de famille.